the fight for supremacy in handheld massage guns probably revolves more around minor details.

The techniques are pretty similar in terms of what each device will do for your body.

If recovery is an important component of improving fitness and general wellness, deep tissue massage has long been a well-kept secret for relieving muscle discomfort and soreness.

The invention of foam rollers shown that there are numerous methods for enhancing soft tissue and relieving pain.

Is there a technique that would be even better, though?


Therabody\’s Theragun and HyperIce\’s Hypervolt, a rival, are two new fitness product trends that let you do \”percussion massage therapy\” in the palm of your hand.

In other words, it\’s a portable technology made to simulate the effects of a physical therapist performing massage or trigger point therapy without the professional themselves.

At Born Fitness, we frequently get inquiries from our customers (like the one below) asking if this new wave of recuperation equipment is worthwhile.

Theragun vs. HyperIce: What You Need To Know

Right now, the fight for supremacy in handheld massage guns probably revolves more around minor details.

The techniques are pretty similar in terms of what each device will do for your body.

Theragun and HyperIce are both ergonomic technologies. Since they are both shaped like jigsaw puzzles and apply quick (but gentle) bursts of pressure to your muscles, they can both be considered \”percussion massagers.\” That pressure comes on with some considerable force.

The HyperVolt claims up to 3200 revolutions per minute (or around 53 revolutions per second), whereas the Theragun completes roughly 40 revolutions (touching your skin and then lifting off) every second.

According to Theragun, these percussion-based massage strokes assist ease muscle tension and increase blood flow.

Both tools can be used as a warm-up or to target specific muscle regions that could be inflamed or recovering slowly.

Most people swear by them if you\’re into anecdotal evidence and general consensus. The equipment is used by professional athletes in practically every sport. Even Cristiano Ronaldo has been seen utilising one while unwinding on pillows with leopard print.

Are these devices effective, nevertheless, according to any studies?

Massage Gun Research: Are They Effective?

Because Theragun and HyperIce are both very recent inventions, research on the precise devices is still fairly restricted.

However, studies on vibration massage are what gave rise to the concept of a massager gun.

The first studies predate the convenient tools. Researchers examined vibration massage, traditional massage, and no massage back in 2014. Any sort of massage, whether vibration or traditional, reduced muscle fatigue and injury while also enhancing range of motion. The advantages also seemed to endure for between 24 and 72 hours.


A research team also discovered in 2017 that vibration therapy could help lessen DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) and enhance range of motion. For those who are unfamiliar, DOMS refers to the discomfort that often intensifies 1-2 days following your workout.

Although vibration training had a positive effect, it wasn\’t specific to vibration. The benefits of traditional massage in relieving muscle soreness are the same, thus this effect is probably not exceptional.

Vibration has lately been compared to foam rolling. After all, a $20 foam roller is slightly more affordable.

Both vibration foam rolling and foam rolling in 2019 were shown to have similar advantages, therefore they both make effective recuperation solutions. If you want further advantages, the people who utilised vibration also noticed less pain than those who used foam rolling, and they had improved range of motion.

The most recent study, one of the first to concentrate on the advantages of a massage gun, was this one.

The 5-minute use of a percussive massager, sometimes known as a \”massage gun,\” increased ankle range of motion but had no impact on strength, according to the researchers. This suggests that you might utilise the gadget before to your workout to enhance your movement on exercises, such as being able to squat deeper due to better calf strength.

What’s the Difference Between a Massage Gun and Foam Rolling?

You\’re not genuinely \”changing\” tissue in your body when you use a top-of-the-line percussion instrument or an old foam roller from the gym.

This is so because a muscle cannot be made longer. Even deep tissue massage cannot accomplish that.

However, it is conceivable to both increase blood flow (which has not yet been supported by studies because it is difficult to detect) and, more significantly, decrease muscle tone. You increase your range of motion at this point.

Similar to massage, the foam roller is effective in many ways. Despite this, using a handheld gadget to help with your recuperation may be more practical for you due to its portability and potential benefits.

An object with a blunt force is a foam roller. It\’s the incorrect instrument for specialised therapy, but it\’s fantastic for treating broad, accessible regions like the front of your legs.

You may target and eliminate smaller areas, like your shoulders, with percussion tools like the Theragun or HyperVolt.

Each of them also provides a variety of head attachments that are intended to treat particular body parts. For particularly aching muscles and delicate places, Theragun, for instance, has a massage head dubbed the Supersoft Attachment.

Have you ever attempted to transport a foam roller? Both Therabody and Hypervice have produced portable, smaller devices.

It is the Theragun Mini for Therabody and the Hypervolt Go for Hyperice. The more compact percussion massagers provide

Additionally, The Ragun offers a really amazing app that will lead you through various massage classes. Throughout the course, the device notifies you when it\’s time to switch to a different body area.

Even though they start at around $200, if you regularly receive massages for $100 each, your Theragun or Hypervolt will pay for itself in a month.

Our usual recommendation to our clients is to base their decision on a mix of budgetary constraints and benefits.

The gadget has advantages and can aid with muscle discomfort and healing if you can afford it.

Not interested in spending the money or seeking for a substitute that fits inside your budget range? According to recent studies, any sort of massage might have outcomes that are comparable, thus using foam rollers, lacrosse balls, and possibly sweet-talking your partner may produce results that are comparable.

And keep in mind that massage tools and other types of recovery equipment cannot ever take the place of your recovery foundation. Poor nutrition and sleep cannot be remedied by massage therapy, so keep putting those priorities first.

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