The Total Body Enhancement equipment at Planet Fitness imagine a device that promotes weight loss. decrease of cellulite. wrinkle reduction. And all you need to do is remain still. Does it seem too wonderful to be true? These and other promises are made by the Total Body Enhancement equipment at Planet Fitness. And my science-loving, gym-loving self (who also has some cellulite and wrinkles) was curious to find out if these claims held any water.

So I conducted the study and spent several months immersed in the machine. Here is my experience with the Total Body Enhancement device and what I learned from it.

Does The Total Body Enhancement At Planet Fitness Actually Work? Let’s Dive In.

SO SOCIAL MEDIA WAS WHERE IT ALL GOT STARTED. Despite the fact that I\’m fairly upset with Instagram for allegedly killing the blogging profession by reducing users\’ attention spans, I was going through Instagram stories because it\’s been my favorite diversion recently.


A boomerang video of a top endurance athlete in a red light treatment bed caught my (brief) interest as I read through her daily Instagram \”story\” on the platform. My first idea was of the \”Total Body Enhancement\” equipment at my neighborhood Planet Fitness

But Heather, I Thought You Hated Planet Fitness?

Permit me to go back. It turns out that Planet Fitness is not as awful a place as I had originally thought. Deep down, I continue to wholeheartedly support locally owned, tiny gyms that do not use a \”no judgement\” double standard. If you\’ve known me for a while, you\’ve probably seen one of my rants about their \”lunk\” marketing strategies and the fact that they have a history of singling out and shunning fit people; ejecting you if they find your attire to be too \”intimidating\”; and getting rid of squat racks and heavy free weights because only bone-head \”lunks\” use those.

But I\’ll be the first to apologies to Planet Fitness and stand up. I was mistaken.

I signed up for the Myrtle Beach PF circuit as a black card member about a year ago so that I could work out with some pals. And what\’s this? It isn\’t awful. In fact, the \”no judgement zone\” at this gym, which is located in Myrtle Beach, extends to people from all walks of life, even the very fit women who are donning nothing but tights and a sports bra. The tools are always in good working order, and every month\’s first Monday?


You may criticize pizza at a gym all you want, but THIS ultra runner finds it to be absolutely amazing. The pizza game I play has absolutely NO shame. For an additional $20 per month, I can bring my spouse (or anyone else, though he is my favorite) as a \”guest\” as often as I like on top of all of that. I\’ll accept.

However, I digress. The Total Body Enhancement device is back. So this Instagram Elite athlete (it was Amelia Boone) reminded me that I get free hydro massages with my Planet Fitness black card membership (yeah), free tanning (say no to skin cancer), and free usage of the Total Body Enhancement machine, which I\’ve never bothered going near. The only thing I knew about it was that it had red light therapy lamps.

However, I was now fascinated. I guess I should utilize red light treatment too (ugh, I\’m such a sheep) if great endurance athlete Amelia does. I then conducted some research online.

About The Total Body Enhancement Machine:

The \”Beauty Angel RVT 30\” machine, also known as the \”Total Body Enhancement machine,\” is simply a booth that employs vibration plates and red light therapy bulbs (non-damaging, non-UV rays) to improve you miraculously. What\’s the purpose of it for you? So, non-scientific, dubious sources (i.e., what I found on Google) suggested the following advantages:

Potential Benefits Of The Total Body Enhancement Machine:

  • increases ATP (adenosine triphosphate) release, providing you with greater energy before a workout.
  • increases skin suppleness and reduces wrinkles and stretch marks by stimulating the synthesis of collagen and elastin.
  • decreases cellulite (get ready for this one) makes microscopic holes in your fat cells, allowing the fat to escape and be more easily burned off (?).
  • increases blood flow to the muscles, serving as a useful warm-up before exercise.
  • helps to relieve muscular and joint inflammation

Is The Total Body Enhancement Too Good To Be True?  Maybe.  Probably.  But


I looked for more credible sources of information about the advantages of red light treatment and discovered some credible and scientific statements, including:

One study looked at the efficiency of red light therapy for reducing belly fat. The combination of three different red light treatment wavelengths reduced belly circumference in 100% of participants, according to the results. (2017) Montaner et al.

The wrinkle measurement in skin considerably decreased from baseline at Week 12 in groups treated with red and white light-emitting diodes in a different research examining the effectiveness and safety of red light therapy for wrinkle reduction. There were no statistically significant differences, however the red LED group improved somewhat more. In 2017 (Nam, et al.)

AND, Perhaps My FAVORITE Little Bit Of Information This Runner Stumbled Upon:

In addition to helping to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress in muscle biopsies, phot biomodulation (the use of red or near-infrared light to stimulate, repair, and regenerate injured tissue) can help athletes acquire more muscle mass after exercising. Ferraris and colleagues (2016)

As you can see, using the Total Body Enhancement machine as an athlete with frequently aching muscles, a bit extra butt cellulite, and stretchmarks may really be beneficial. Of course, it is unclear whether the wavelengths radiated by the bulbs in the Total Body Enhancement system are the same as those utilized in the experiments. Your hunch is just as valid as mine.

Total Body Enhancement Review:

I opted to test the Total Body Enhancement machine myself after asking strangers in a Facebook group if they had ever used it, as any social media savvy athlete does in 2018. The front desk employee at my neighborhood Planet Fitness gave me a place to stay in for my Total Body Enhancement session once I checked in. She only told me to go to \”room 13\” and then left.

I close the door after entering Room 13 and entering. When I was 19 years old, living in the chilly state of Vermont, and daydreaming about the summer sun, the booth reminded me of the stand-up tanning beds I used to use. There are NO instructions, and I have NO IDEA how to operate this machine.

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