As was previously noted, if you\’re in quarantine and unclear of how to train, it\’s helpful to research people who flourished in austere settings. In other words, take advice from people who have already succeeded. And the best illustrations can be found in old-school combatants. It wasn\’t just something they attempted for a few weeks; it was their life. In light of this, I\’ll use this blog to offer some advice on making a DIY punching bag.

DIY Punching Bag

In boxing, DIY punching bags are extremely prevalent. Since many gyms are underfunded, it\’s crucial to come up with low-cost solutions. The tyre punching bag is the ideal illustration. It\’s common to get used tyres for nothing. The tyres may be hung practically anyplace after they are connected together.

Below is an illustration of a teenage Colombian amateur fighter pounding a tyre bag. You\’ll see that the bag performs great outside and is entirely useful.

Uppercut Bag

To make homemade uppercut bags, tyres can also be sawed and fastened together in inventive ways. The video that follows provides two instances. The first version can be seen at the beginning of the video, and a second one can be seen near the two minute mark. The former is good for practising hooks, while the former works particularly well for uppercuts.


The directions for fastening the tyres together are very straightforward. Here is a previous video I provided that explains the procedure.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, tyres are a great option if you\’re seeking for a low-cost backpack. For the price of a few bolts and fittings, you can construct an excellent handmade punching bag. Tyre bags are practically unbreakable and watertight. By using some tyres that would otherwise be useless, you will also be helping the environment.

Happy punching!

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